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Please Plan ahead. Knowing some basics can go a long way!

Please fill out my booking form.
It is the easiest, most discreet way to schedule quickly and efficiently.

Email is my preferred communication.

Please Plan ahead.  Please do not expect me to ever be date-ready; I have family, friends and commitments with my multiple causes. I will try to accommodate same day meetings if I can, but planning ahead is almost always the assured way to get on my calendar. 

I am a GFE provider. Our time together is special and should be treated as such.

I do not offer any unsafe or PSE practices.  

Approach me respectfully. This includes the wording you send me electronically. Specific illicit conversation will get you flagged and on my “Do Not See” list.

Verification is required before scheduling can be confirmed.

Verification is done to ensure my safety as well as the safety of my guests. I have no interest in unbalancing your life, your career, your family etc.... so please keep these in mind when you want to tell me all about how you need to be discreet.  Discretion is always important to me and everyone else I come to meet, so unfortunately - you are not exempt. 

Options for verification:

A third party verification company such as  RS-AVS ;  Preferred 411 ; Private Delights Vouches

A verified provider you have seen and can use as a reference by sending her contact information. She must have a professional website and established online presence.

A picture of you holding a state ID or drivers license. You can block out the personal information. I just need to see your name, photo and the state that issued the ID which it usually says on the top of the ID anyways so that is easy enough to see. I can use this with a link to your social media or cell number and verify easily, discreetly and all info is deleted once you are verified.


If I ask for a deposit - these are non-negotiable and non-refundable if you cancel. If you’re not comfortable sending a small, good-faith deposit if requested - then we’re not a match.

For the gentleman who would like to take care of all business prior and just focus on the pleasure when we meet; I do offer the option to pay via Cash App prior to meeting - please let me know if you prefer to handle all the business electronically.

Canceled dates within 24 hours before incur a 50% fee of the booking price. 

Cancel fees are to be paid online via Cash App, or Visa Egift .

No call or no show, 100% of the fee is due.


Please have your donation available immediately at the beginning of our date. A simple envelope to be placed on the bathroom sink or kitchen counter upon your arrival. 

In light of the current state of the world, I do ask that you pay attention to your hygiene and sanitary conditions. I keep my spaces sanitized and date ready.  My shower is always available with everything you’ll need - do not be afraid to use it. 

Again - it bears repeating - Do not ask for unsafe practices.


Reviews are always welcome. I pride myself on a sterling reputation and have had very few disconnects over the years.  I do ask that you let me know prior if you're going to submit a review and which site. 


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Schaumburg and Gold Coast, Chicago



Thank you!

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